At Swell it’s all about clean and simple food. Our head chef enjoys putting together menus that reflect not only Bondi locals , but also her experience in the food industry, whilst always having our signature Swell dishes available at all times.

The philosophy is to keep it exiting and guide our menus with the extensive availability of ingredients looming. How we put these together is a result of bantering and brainstorming between chef and the team. The results speak for themselves.


The Drinks here at swell is simple, well balanced and flavoursome. Our team has years of experience creating new drinks, juices and smoothies for the Sydney crowds across all our Rocksalt Group venues.

The Coffee is our signature "Foundry Espresso" blend, Developed for us by one of Sydneys leading coffee roasters. Made from 100 percent Fair Trade Arabica beans, this ensures a smooth but complex flavour. Here at Swell our baristas use a market leading Mazzer Grinder to ensure that the grind comes out at just the right grind, adjusted daily to compensate for any changes in humidity and temperature. Our coffee machine is a La Marzocco Linea 3 group double boiler coffee machine. A machine thats stood the test of time and is the no1 choice for professional barristas due to its capacity and consistency.

 We change up our juice and smoothie selection daily depending on what fruits are in season and available in the fruit markets. we only use the freshest organic fruits for our juice and smoothies of the day.

Feel like a glass of sparkling or a Bloody Mary?
Don't worry, we've got you covered. We serve a selection of cocktails, beer and wine as well.



The food here Swell is simple, well balanced and flavorsome. Our team has years of experience creating dishes and menus for our Rocksalt group venues.

Focusing on breakfast, we pride ourselves in great produce, cooked a thousand ways. Marinades, sauces and condiments are the tools we employ to dazzle you from sunrise to sunset.

For Dinner our menu focuses on sharing dishes and easy nibbles to go along with our alcohol selection